About Us

Who we are
We are Meena Plastics, a business with ISO 9001/2015 certification. We are well-known and reputable for providing the highest quality carry bags, roll garbage bags, bio-hazardous bags, and other products. Our ability to consistently outperform the competition in satisfying customer needs in a way that benefits both parties has earned us respect and trust in this business. We introduce ourselves with great pride because we demonstrate that customers make the best choices if they believe us. From Vadodara, we satisfy the needs of our customers and consistently fulfill our delivery commitments.

Our Mission

Our wide selection of high-quality goods has helped us build a sizable clientele. We are renowned in the business for providing top-notch products at competitive prices.

  • Reasonable and Affordable Rates
  • Prompt Order Delivery
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Ethical Business
  • Versatile Payment Methods
  • Enormous Distribution Network
  • Follows a Customized Approach
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